Monday 19 September 2022

September 19th, Nicolas

 September 19th 2022

Her majesty the queen Elizabeth II's funerals.

Today marks the end of the National Mourning. You will find here a recap of this historical ceremony.


The Big Ben bell rings to mark the beginning of the holiday in honor of Queen Elisabeth II's funerals.


A procession leaves Westminster Hall in direction of Westminster Abbey, where the national homage ceremony took place. 


The U.K has now stopped all activities : Trains are no longer announced, bus are stopping and bus drivers get off their vehicles.


End of the ceremony : two minutes of silence are observed, and the Queen's coffin is placed on a canon carriage. The coffin is then escorted through London to Wellington Arch. Thousands of British people came to mourn their late Queen and to pay their last respects.


The Queens coffin has arrived to Windsor. Now begins a new procession in direction of Saint-George Chapel.


The second public ceremony begins in St-George Chapel, hosted by the Windsor Dean. Meanwhile, the British in London have got back to their occupations.


Before the final anthem, the Crown's jeweler removes the Imperial Crown from the Queen's coffin.


The public ceremonies have now ended. The Wand of Office has been broken, and the coffin will be placed in the Royal Vault, where the Queen will join her late husband Prince Phillip Mountbatten. 

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