Sunday 18 September 2022

September 16th, TLLCE Louane and Romane

 Two police officers stabbed in London, man arrested

On this September 16th 2022, two police officers have been stabbed in central London by an anonymous around 6am. Fortunately, the two policemen were taken care of and hospitalized on the spot and the assaillant have been arrested in Leicester Square with the knife in his hand.

This happened when a big security package is deploy 3 days before the queen Elisabeth's II funeral but this attack is "not treated as terrorism-related," police said even if these ten last years, a lot of terrorists attack have been tempted on the royal family.

In any case, after this accident the major of London, Sadiq Khan, wanted to tell us anyways that this incident shows one more time all of the risks that police officers take to assure our security.

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