Saturday 17 September 2022

September 19th T-LLCE Ravenne, Esteban



       Queen Elisabeth the second, after 70 years of reign, died on septembre the 8th. 

   After ten days of scheduled events, such as the crowning of the new king. The queen will be buried in a ceremony that will take place in Westminster Abbey.

Many of the UK  officials and all around the world will attend this ceremony, that will be maybe the most important funeral that of the decade. Septembre the 19th will mark the end of the « London Bridge » operation, this code name is used to describe all the planned events which started right after the queen’s death, on septembre 8th to her burial, on septembre the 19th.

So, what will exactly happen on septembre 19th ?

The Queen’s cofin will be caried in London, from the Abbey to the place of the burial, allowing all the people who wanted to see her one more time. Then the coffin will be carried to the Windsor castle, which was a very important place for the Queen, this is where her family and the other royal families from around the world will be to give her a more personal tribute.

At 19:30, the queen will be buried according to her own choices, such as : the funeral song will be performed by the official Windsor Piper, and the former MI5 commander, will break his wand and put it in the coffin, this means his service to the queen stops. The Queen will be buried next to her husband, in the family grave. 

                                           Visual of what will be engraved on the Queen’s grave.

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