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Braveheart is a British movie, it was directed by Mel Gibson who was also the character, William Wallace, a Scottish man. This film was brought to screen in 1995. It won five Oscars. A french actress starring is in this film and it's Sophie Marceau who plays the role of Isabelle of France.

Braveheart is about Scottland in at the end of the 13th century and William Wallace's fight for independence from the English. This movie began with childhood of William Wallace and the death of his father and brother in a fight. Wallace is married and his wife is executed by the English; he rebels against the man who is behind the death of his wife. Isabelle, princess of France, is the daughter-in-law of Edouard I. Isabelle becomes his mistress and informs him of what is happening at the English court. She gets pregnant with William Wallace.

William Wallace begins to make Scotland free with Robert the Bruce.
Wallace is judged treasonable, so he is beaten and handed over to the English. Wallace is taken to a square in the Tower of London to be executed and tortured.

The voice of Mel Gibson is present at the end of the film, he says that the Scots have won freedom.

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