Thursday 25 January 2018

Wonder Woman

                                                            Wonder Woman

   Wonder woman is a movie of 2017 created by DC production. It's an enigmatic film that's happening in America. She was living on the island paradise when it was announced a war that was preparing on the other side of the Earth. It's the first world war. She will leave and it is like she will discover her super powers because we do not forget that Wonder Woman is a super heroine.

Everything that corresponds to his past and to Greek mythology, sheds light on the Amazons of Themyscira, the paradise island far from the world of men! This fragile and pure side, absolutely essential, gives us a different aspect of this heroine. The fact of retracing your life from start to finish is very important for those who do not know the story .

This film is very well done and I loved the decorations that are just dazzling. The music is great and generally actors have put their role in their skin ! It's a war movie that I recommend to all .

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