Thursday 25 January 2018

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman was released in 2017. It was directed by Patty Jenkins. Gal Gadot starred in with Chris Pine. The movie was brought to screen in 2017.

During World War II, a british spy in the German army discovers a secret island in the Atlantic Ocean where are living women warriors known as " Amazones ". There, he meets Diana, the princess of the island. One day, he told her a story about a terrible war that took place on the other side of the planet. Diana leaves her city to go to war because she's convinced that she can stop it and beat "Aves", the Greek god of the war.

The plot of the movie is interesting and the way the reality is mixed with superheroes and mythology is pleasing. The critic of the war is expressed through the characters of Diana who's Wonder Woman who doesn't understand why people are fighting for.

The character of Diana is a cliché because of the way she dresses with sexy clothes. The actress was also Miss Israel.

I really like the movie since it shows the strength of women and their courage.

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