Friday 26 January 2018


    The movie Dunkirk tells the story of one of the most tragic events during World War 2. In 1940,  the english, the french and the belgian troops were stook in Dunkirk surronded by the germans. During this period the english tried to escape from the beach where they were trapped. Then the english asked help to England to come over for brought them to their home and delivered them of the grip of the germans thanks to the dynamo operation which consists of crossing the boat sleeve to come and rescue the english.
    The movie show the english side and we follow the journey of some of them. This is an excellent film despite minor flaws. This movie is simply pure emotional, we can go from sadness to joy in a blink of an eye and vice versa. Moreover, this is the kind of movie that enable people aware of the horror of the war and also not to forget the hell that our world has known, that's the reasons why I liked this movie. Despite that, in my opinion, the film lacks actions but it's still a very good movie.
    Christopher Nolan has realized this film perfectly and made it a symbol among the many existing war movies. Not the mention that the actors are very talented and have been able to embody their roles as needed. This is a great movie that everybody should see, I recommand it.  

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