Thursday 25 January 2018

film- La folle histoire de max et leon

           The movie wich I'm going to tell you about is "La folle histoire de Max et Léon". This movie is about two men during the second world war, who don't want to go on the battlefield. So, first, both pretend they are blind but that doesn't work. As their tips to be reformed doesn't work, they are forced to go to war. Then we are going to see the adventures of two friends during the world war two. 
I really appreciate this movie because it is more original than others war film, like Pearl Harbor wich is sad contrarely to this one wich is particullary funny. We can have a good time while watching it, even if it's a war film. The other reason why I like this movie, is because their is a lot of references to movies like "La grande vadrouille", "le mur de l'Atlantique" or "saving private ryan" wich are also war movies. 
"La folle histoire de Max et Léon" has been done by two famous youtubers. Those youtubers are known by the nickname "Le Palmashow" and their real name are David Marsais and Gregoire Ludig. They wrote the script and they are also the main characters of the movie, David as Max and Gregoire as Léon. As they are youtubers a lot of people were not sur about the quality of the movie, meanwhile it has been well received by the critics. As David and Gregoire are really followed on youtube (nearly 3millions followers) and as they are many young peoples who watch their videos, and certainly want to watch the film, the bloody, violent side of the war is really light. 

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