Wednesday 14 October 2015

Anthony Sadler

Anthony Sadler is one of the three heroes who saved the Thalys train in France. 

On August 21st, Anthony and his two others mates Spencer Stone and Alek Skarlatos, who are well-trained Americans soldiers, saved a whole train from an attack that could have turned very poorly. Thanks to them the terrorist was arrested and fortunately he didn’t have the time to shoot and kill anyone. The three Americans heard shots and didn’t hesitate to intervene: they disarmed the gunman and knocked him out. Anthony isn’t a soldier and even if he wasn’t trained he had the courage to go and affront the shooter, he went beyond his limits to save people, that’s why he IS a hero. 

In an interview Anthony said that in case of serious crisis like that you have to accomplish something, you must help others, don’t be selfish and fight. You mustn’t hide or sit back, do not be a coward. And that is why, for us, Anthony Sadler and his two others pals are the heroes of this year. 

Not only did they save one person but they saved hundreds of people and lives.


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