Thursday 15 October 2015

Aube's rescuers

   Two young men who were nineteen years old called Kara and Vivien  and living in a little French village where there was a river, saved an old woman in danger.
   Those young men was walking on a sunday morning near the river when the saw an old woman who wanted to commit suicide by drawning. Kara and Vivien dived in the water to rescue her. They successed to carry the old woman out of the water. They gave her basic care and called the firemen. They risked their lifes to save a stranger,they went beyond their limits because it was winter and the water was cold. They accomplished great deeds,their exploit was famous,it wasn't an international act but it was an heroic act,they are role models for next generation.
That's for this that we choose them to be 2015'heroes.

Carla Castellan 1° SC, Paco Fontaine   1°SA

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