Thursday 15 October 2015

Charlie's journalists die as heros

     Charlie hebdo is a French daily news paper . They carry out investigations and reports about sects , politics and religions . But they're first of all known for the charicature Cabu , Charb , Honoré, Tignous and Wolinski did about islamists such as Mahomet .
Threats were sent to them , they knew they were doing dangerous things , but kept doing them .
Unfortunally , on january 7th 2015 , towards 11:30am , the Kouachi brothers attacked the newspaper office using automatic guns . They killed eleven people , eight of them were working in the editing room .
In our opinion , the cartoonists Cabu , Charb , Honoré and all of the other jounalists working in Charlie Hebdo were models while living , defending their opinion about topical issues , no matter what happened and they died heros president François Hollande declared .
                                      Joffrey Coeurveillé, Camille Masson-Durcudoy 1°SA

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