Thursday 15 October 2015

The saviour

         « Everything happened very quikly », said Anthony Sadler student in physiotherapy in Sacramento, who was traveling with his childhood friends Spencer and Alex Stone Skarlatos, 22 years. Both men respectively serve in the Air Force on a base in the Azore and the National Guard. Alex Skarlatos Reterned there recently on a mission in Afghanistan.

        Anthony Sadler said that in time of  crises we must not sit back.
        We must stand up moreover not giving up therefore he was determined to stop the gunman.
        He was amazed at the calm of the shooter who had « not a word » if only not to claim his weapon. He seemed in a daze.
        Anthony Sadler, Alex Skarlatos, Norman and chris have already received a medal of honor from the city of Arros, where the train was diverted.

By Charles Duger(1SC), Maya Abecasis(1SB).

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