Wednesday 14 October 2015


On this tiny beautiful island located in the Indian ocean between land and sea,nature won against men.
On January 26th, Tangui was swimming in the ocean when he has been attacked by a bulldog shark. He was playing in the water with a friend around six in the afternoon. Suddenly ,a dark shadow appeared in the ocean ; it was too late to go away. He tried to escape,but it took his leg and didn’t let go, as his friend stood by his side . Then, trying to force the animal to open his mouth, he cut two of his fingers. In the split of a second the shark ate his leg and left . At this precise moment, a cloud of blood surrounded the twenty-four year old man. His friend hold him by the shoulder to bring him back to the shore,as the young man was bleeding ,his phemoral artery opened. They remainded in the sea and fought for fifteen minutes in the waves to reach the sand again while the victim’s leg was severed. And when they did, all the witnesses ran in order to provide assistance to them.
He stood conscious while he was driven to the emergency despite of the massive loss of blood which made him feel weaker and weaker.
Tragically,the doctors couldn’t save his leg, his phemoral artery had been emptied so it had to be amputated. As the waiting awakening was ending , all his family came to see him even if he was asleep. When he woke up ,the first thing he said was :  « so I repaired my bike for nothing this summer. »
Today, he doesn’t let his disability win against what he wants to undertake and tries to find a suitable prothesis –since he has lost his whole leg.he can’t continue his studies and should consider another route buthas a strengh of mind that will help him move forward.
He even arrives to do bike riding on one leg !

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